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Naomi  Torres

What's Lurking in the Wax Pot?

By April 2, 2008

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Commonly salons and spas use a pot that heats the wax and apply it with a wooden stick to the skin. The technicians aren't supposed to put the stick back into the wax after it has touched the skin, but throw it away and take a fresh stick for each application. In other words, they shouldn’t double-dip.

But is double-dipping really that big of a deal? Absolutely. Waxing usually draws some blood, especially when performed on the body. So the stick will likely come into contact with blood, and if double-dipped, potentially infect the entire pot of wax with an infection or a disease the client may be carrying. Then, the next client being waxed could get infected. And, if you’re thinking the wax is hot enough to kill any bacteria, it’s not! Double-dipping is one of the signs to look for at the salon or spa, telling you to find somewhere else to go.

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June 15, 2008 at 3:29 pm
(1) Tanya Laugheed says:

My wax pot spilt and there is wax all over – How do i get hair wax off the plactic of the pot? Thank you Tanya

June 15, 2008 at 6:40 pm
(2) hairremoval says:

Sounds like a sticky situation! GiGi (sold at Sally Beauty Supply) makes a product called Sure Clean, especially made for wax pots. You can also try oil, (like baby oil) or petroleum jelly.

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