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Naomi  Torres

Don't Shave Right Before Your Pedicure

By May 21, 2008

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don't shave before a pedicure
Eric Hood / IStock Photo
Yes, I know sandal season is upon us, and you want fabulous looking feet. If you're anything like me, you love getting a professional pedicure in one of those fancy thrones that massage your back and recline while someone does your feet...How great is that?

But one word of advice: Don't shave (your lower legs at least) about 24 hours before your pedicure. If you nick yourself while shaving and then get a pedicure, bacteria could easily enter the wound and give you an infection. Just think: water, people's feet and jets- a bacteria breeding ground.

Even facilities that follow the protocol of cleaning and sanitizing the bowls and jets can't kill all bacteria. Your skin is your first line defense, but when you have a cut- it's just been weakened. And, no the nail tech won't mind a tiny bit of stubble. Since most pedicures include exfoliation of the lower leg, you'll get a closer shave after your toes are done!


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