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Epila and Xemos Laser- Made By the Same Company?


A reader emailed me asking if I have heard or tried Xemos laser. So I looked it up and found it on through a company called Visol. What worried me right away is it says “Permanently remove unwanted hair” which laser hair removal cannot claim. Then I saw very familiar words- a BNB Medical logo. This is the same company name printed on Epila laser, (although a slightly differently looking logo on Xemos) and has stirred up many comments here.

Both Epila and Xemos claim to be C.E. certified and have almost identical explanations. I emailed Visol last week asking for some more product information, and have yet to hear back. So is this company just packaging Epila different and using another name? If you have tried this product, please post your Xemos review in the forum, we would love to hear from you.

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