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Nose Hair Waxing?


The mere thought of getting your nose hair pulled out from the root may cause a shiver up your spine. But people do like to get their nose waxed because it lasts a long time. The truth is that some salons and spas will do a nose wax, but others won't do this type of waxing.

How is it done? For a full nose wax, hard wax is applied to the tip of a small wooden applicator in the shape of a ball and allowed to cool for some time. Then the tech will place the applicator inside the nostril, not going any farther than the ball of the nose. After a couple of minutes the applicator is pulled out. People have said it doesn't hurt that much, and is so much less painful than pulling nose hair out with tweezers. Ouch!

Personally, I wouldn't get this done. I don't want to be waxed anywhere inside the body. Secondly, nose hair acts as an air filter. In this day and age, I can't imagine weakening this natural filter. You most definitely should not get a nose wax if you have asthma or are a smoker. Also, it isn't safe to wax if you have a nose piercing.

If you do want a nose wax, please don't do this on yourself! Choose a reputable salon or spa and someone that is experienced and skilled in waxing.

But rather than just let the hair poke out, in my opinion, the safest way is to trim them with nose hair clippers that have a round head (Compare Prices).

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