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Naomi  Torres

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

By March 25, 2012

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I've been waxing my own brows at home and haven't gotten my eyebrows threaded for a couple years. But after seeing a storefront in the mall and remembering just how quick it was--I walked in. She took me right away and started.

I actually forgot how painful it can be! To me, threading eyebrows is much more uncomfortable than waxing, but the extent depends on the tech's skill. There are other reasons why threading may have your eyes water:

  • When threading both of the tech's hands are in use, unlike waxing or sugaring where one hand is free. You, the client is asked to hold your own skin taut so there's less pulling on the skin, which is the big culprit behind the pain. And if you don't hold it taut enough, it will be very uncomfortable.
  • The hair is taken out quickly by the string, but it can only be removed one row at a time (see threading video). This is much different than waxing where a large strip of hair can be waxed off in one pull.

For those who love extremely defined eyebrows, threading is definitely the way to go. And you can always use a numbing product about 30 -45 minutes before the service like Relax & Wax No Scream Cream.



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