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How Long Does Hair Removal Last? (Various Methods)
When choosing a hair removal method, it's very helpful to know how long it's approximately going to last. We give the run-down for each including the exceptions ...
Sugaring Hair Removal Method (Preparing the Skin)
Cleansing the skin is a very important prepping step for the sugaring hair removal method. Not only does this help curb some of the potential side effect of getting ...
Hair Removal Methods for Sensitive Skin - About.com
Trying to remove hair with sensitive skin can be a daunting task. We cover the different methods, from what to stay away from to how to get rid of the hair with less ...
Best Techniques to Remove Body Hair - Dermatology - About.com
A discussion of the various methods of hair removal.
Hair Removal: When Should You Shave, Wax, Laser or Tweeze?
These days there are many options to hair removal. It's not just about the razor anymore. Different hair removal methods work better on different areas and skin ...
Body Hair Removal and Trimming Methods for Men - Men's Fashion
Hair Removal Methods - Body Hair Removal Methods for Men - For those guys who want to remove or trim body hair, there are a variety of methods available.
Ear Hair Removal Methods and Tips for Men - About.com
Using an ear hair trimmer ( Compare Prices ) is one of the only methods that allows you to safely remove hair from the top of the ear canal on your own.
Get Rid of Unwanted Hair - Methods for Face and Body - Hair Removal
You may not realize that there are many unwanted hair removal methods. Every option has different pros, cons, price points and may not be the best choice ...
Underarm Hair Removal Methods at Home - About.com
3 ways to get rid of underarm hair at home. Tips for getting less bumps, redness and how to permanently reduce it.
Preventing Ingrown Hair- Best Removal Methods - Hair Removal
Preventing ingrown hair can be done by applying products but also by choosing a hair removal method that will lower your chances. Read more about these ...
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