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What To Do After a Bikini Wax


Beautiful woman in bikini posing on the beach
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Hopefully the worst is over. Now what do we do after the bikini wax? We want to maintain the hair free bikini line for as long as possible without irritating skin and getting ingrown hair. Here are some things that you should and shouldn't do post waxing.

  • Avoid the sun. Stay clear of the sun's rays at least 48 hours and until the redness has gone away. I know you've just had the hair removed so you can rock the bikini, but two things can happen. First, burning is easier than before. Second, you can be more sensitive to the sun and end up with dark skin spots, especially if you're taking certain medications.

  • Let your skin breathe. This is important. Do not slip on skintight clothing because this will cause irritation and possibly ingrown hair. Also don't touch the area. We use our hands to do almost everything and those germs would love to jump onto our freshly waxed skin and live happily causing infection.

  • When soaking and steam isn't good. Shower, but please do not take a bath or get in any type pool for the rest of day after the service. Sauans and steam rooms need to be avoided for the next two days.

  • No body lotion until the redness goes away. Redness is a sign of sensitized skin. If you have a problem with overly red or stinging skin try Relax and Wax No Trauma Momma. Regular lotions can irritate your skin even more, so wait until the redness disappears, which varies from person to person.

  • Exfoliate. Keep that dead skin from ruining your bikini wax by clogging pores and causing ingrown hair. Two full days after your service lightly exfoliate with a body scrub, loofah or ayate washcloth (compare prices) if your skin is not red or irritated. If you have a problem with ingrown hair, keep a bump-fighting product on hand like Relax and Wax Get the Bump Outta Here, Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion or GiGi No Bump Rx Skin Treatment.
Be sure to read the tips for what to do Before a Bikini Wax and In Between Appointments to keep irritation, redness and ingrown hair to a minimum.
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