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Before Bikini Wax

Tips for less pain, redness and bumps


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I think we have all asked the question, "What should I do before a bikini wax?" I know before I went to school for skin care I never really knew what to do. I tried everything, except of course, what I should have done. Here are some tips and this goes for you men as well. (Well skipping the fourth point!)

  • Let your hair grow. This, for me, is the hardest part of the whole experience. Your hair should be about ¼ of an inch in length, so avoid shaving for a few weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows) before your appointment.

  • No tanning before two days before or after. Tanning can cause skin sensitivity making your skin get red, inflamed or scabby if you get waxed too soon. Because waxing exfoliates, tanning shortly after your treatment can cause burns and skin pigmentation. (You may need to hold off more than 48 hours for waxing or tanning if you're still pink or feeling sensitive.)

  • Make an informed decision. Do your research. Check licenses and don't be afraid to ask the Aesthetician questions. Any reputable skin care therapist will gladly answer questions about training and license status. Check your local cosmetology board website for license status.

  • Be aware of your cycle. Schedule an appointment and make sure you will not be menstruating and leave a three day window before starting and finishing. Women tend to be more sensitive during this time. More sensitivity = more pain!

  • Lightly exfoliate. Getting rid of the dead skin cells the days before your appointment will cut the sensitivity, keep your skin healthier and help keep ingrown hair away. Use a loofah or a scrub made especially before waxing like the one from Relax and Wax.

  • Pain relievers. It does not make you a wimp take an aspirin or Tylenol prior to waxing. But be sure you take it about 30 minutes prior to your appointment so it has time to take effect.

  • Relax. Don't be afraid. The tenser you are, the more it will hurt. Just breathe and you'll do great!
When it's all over be sure to read the tips for After a Bikini Wax and In Between Appointments to keep irritation, redness and ingrown hair to a minimum.
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