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Bikini Waxing Videos

Education for Brazilians, Designs and Male Waxing


These bikini waxing videos are made for professionals who want to enhance their skills by performing Brazilians, create designs and expand their client base by waxing men. Sometimes attending is a hands-on not always possible, so these are great educational tools to watch right in the convenience of home, while furthering your career.

People who are not licensed can benefit from these videos, but should stick to waxing their bikini line at home (the hair outside the panty line). Anything much more than that and you should go to the pros.

1. Creative Brazilian Waxing Techniques

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A team of two expert estheticians, Eva Mileski and Teresa Halencak, demonstrate Brazilian bikini waxing using both hard and soft wax on three female models, with and without disposable panties. You’ll see step-by-step how to remove all of the bikini hair, both front and back. Learn proper skin preparation, wax consistency, how to trim the hair and position the client. You’ll find great tips on how to minimize waxing pain, creating a template and post-waxing skincare.

Time: 1 hour 11 minutes
Price: $69.95

2. The Art of Men's Waxing

©2009 Copyright Aesthetic VideoSource
Expert aestheticians, Eva Mileski and Teresa Halencak, team up to demonstrate a complete step-by-step men’s Brazilian wax. Other waxing techniques using soft and hard wax for the back, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, nostrils, and ears are also included in this DVD. Other topics include: client preparation, positioning, and skin care before and after waxing.

Time: 2 hours
Price: $69.95

3. Flawless Body Waxing

bikini waxing video, brazilian waxing video
©2009 Copyright Aesthetic VideoSource
Be guided through advanced techniques using different waxes: hard, soft and roll-on using various techniques, including speed waxing. Featuring three experts, Eva Mileski, Ofra Gaito, and Nicole Reposeur, they demonstrate waxing on the bikini area, legs, feet, arms, hands, and underarms. You’re guided with expert tips on skin preparation, wax temperature, client positioning, and methods for making the client more comfortable.

Time: 1 hour 43 minutes
Price: $49.95

4. Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing

©2009 Copyright Aesthetic VideoSource
Ashlie Long, a licensed esthetician and instructor, teaches the traditional options like the classic Brazilian and Sphinx. Going beyond the basics she includes directions on very requested services like applying different types of color and how to create designs- with both a template and freehand. Step-by-step she’ll show you how to simultaneously use hard and soft wax to rid all of the hair, from the front and back. Hygiene, precautions, minimizing discomfort, discreet draping and post-treatment skin care issues are also addressed in this bikini waxing video.

Time: 2 hours 14 minutes
Price: $69.95
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