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How To Create Pubic Hair Art & Designs


Pubic hair art is going beyond your simple shave or bikini wax. Whether you’re looking for a little sprucing up or more extreme styling, find it here.

1. Waxed In Shape

pubic hair shaving
George Doyle / Getty Images
Since waxing has long lasting results (up to six weeks) many are setting up an appointment with the pros and walking out with a bikini-shaped heart, lightning bolt, triangle or other creation.

2. Shaved Designs

IStockphoto / Graca Victoria
Shaving has to be done very often, but is a much simpler D.I.Y. option over bikini waxing a design at home. Our how-to guide gives you two options for getting your design in place using a stencil.

3. Hair Removal Cream Kit

pubic hair art, pubic hair designs, readybetty
Image © 2009 | BETTY BEAUTY, INC
If you don’t want to pay the price for a salon waxing and have sworn off razors, a depilatory (or hair removal cream) is your other option. While not all hair removal creams can be used on your bikini zone, readybetty is an affordably priced kit (read review) made especially for this sensitive area that includes everything you need for designing at home.

4. Color For Fun

Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
Daring colors like purple, pink, blue and violet are often used to decorate the designs. Others use it for dressing up their natural shape for pubic hair art all on its own.

5. Easy Gems and Jewels

Jeffrey Hamilton / Getty Images
Crystals and gem tatoos are the extremely easy route to designing- just peel and stick right on your skin. Place a row of small jewels right next to your created or natural shape, or make a design on your bare skin if you've taken your bikini area bare.
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