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Tips for Waxing Pubic Hair


Waxing pubic hair can mean all sorts of things- from cleaning up the sides to getting rid of it all. Along with leaving your preferred amount of hair we help you with DIY directions, how to lessen pain, finding a clean salon and gender specific tips.

1. How to Wax Bikini Line

Lars Klove/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Any technician who knows what they are doing uses at least some hard wax because it's perfect for coarse hair. If you want to save some money, we have good news: you can get hard wax at your local beauty supply store. And better yet, we have the directions on how you can wax your bikini line right at home.

2. Best Wax & Kits

If you're opting for a DIY, we put together the top products and kits that can tackle bikini hair. No, you don't necessarily need to shell out a lot of money.

3. The Styles for Women

Angelo Cavalli / Getty Images
A clean up? How about it all gone? Whether you want a little or all of it off, there are many bikini styles to choose from. A regular, full, French, Hollywood and Brazilian bikini waxes are some of the most popular and commonly named styles to choose from.

4. The Styles for Men

You guys have your choices too. You might be surprised on just how popular this service is for men. Learn about some of the common styles for male bikini waxes and what they entail.

5. Brazilian Tips

A Brazilian wax takes off almost all hair from the back and the front, sometimes leaving a small strip or triangle. If you dare to get this type, you'll need to get it done professionally. Because it's a special service, there are certain things you should do before and after to care for your Brazilian.

6. Men's Bikini and Brazilian Wax

Women aren't the only ones waxing away, men are getting hairless beneath the boxers. Guys are a bit newer in entering the waxing world, especially in the bikini area. So there's some things you should know about how to prepare (and expect) from your hair ridding experience.

7. Find a Clean Salon

Jennifer Sheets/ IStock Photo
Opting for a professional to do the job of waxing your bikini, doesn't come without possible issues. You want to make sure the salon and the technician you go to is keeping it clean, to protect you from getting an infection, or worse, a disease.

8. Curb Pain

Let's face it, waxing the bikini area is a very sensitive zone and doesn't come without some measure of discomfort (read: pain). Fortunately, there are simple steps you can do to take the ouch factor down a couple notches whether you are doing this yourself or going to the pros.

9. Designs

So there's more than just removing hair, you can get it designed into different shapes, colors or even with jewels. How's that for the new meaning of designer bikini?
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