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Bleaching Precautions & Warnings


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Just because you can buy a bleaching kit at the drugstore doesn't mean you can throw precaution to the wind. Read through the list below before lightening your facial or body hair.
  • Only use bleach for facial or body hair. Don't use bleach for the hair on your head, it’s much stronger than the formula that’s used for the face and body.

  • Test product first. Do patch test product first on arm and wait 24 hours before using on large area, because you could be allergic or very sensitive to the product. Even if you don’t see any redness on your arm, you still need to be precautions when using on facial skin- it’s generally more delicate.

  • Don’t bleach where you shouldn’t. Only use bleach on the outside of your body. Don’t use near eyes, inside nose, ears, on nipples, scar tissue, warts, moles or near genitals. Bleach shouldn’t be used over sunburned, irritated, inflamed or chapped skin, or an area that is freshly tweezed or shaved. It’s simply not safe.

  • Don’t use on extremely exfoliated skin. Bleaching isn’t safe to use on areas where you are using Retin A, Alpha Hydroxy, or Glycolic Acid.

  • Keep packaged product away from heat and sun. Store bleaching products in a cool, dry place.

  • Metal and bleach don’t mix. Don’t use a metal dish to mix bleach or apply bleach using anything metal.

  • Stay out of the sun. Keep bleached area out of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours.
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