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How to Bleach Your Face & Body Hair


Woman bleaching facial hair
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The steps below using bleach to lighten facial and body hair are only a general reference. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specific directions for using their body or face bleach.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Patch test is first. Then after 24 hours, the process takes 20 minutes or less.

Here's How:

  1. Purchase bleaching cream. You can get on online, or go to your local beauty supply store.(Compare Prices) Only use bleach that is created for the face or body, and not hair on the head.

  2. Patch test. Mix product according to the directions and apply it to a small area of your arm for 15 minutes, or as suggested by maker of product. If you don’t see any redness or irritation within 24 hours, then go ahead with bleaching the area you want.

  3. Clean area. Lightly wash skin with cool water and gentle soap. Don’t exfoliate skin or use hot water, as this can open the pores and make skin more sensitive to the bleach.

  4. Mix product as directed. Avoid changing the ratio of cream and powder thinking the stronger, the better. Only mix it when you are ready to begin, so the product is potent.

  5. Apply product. Make sure the hair is completely covered and saturated, but do not rub into skin.

  6. Allow it to work. Leave product on about 10 minutes or amount of time suggested by the manufacturer. If it starts to sting or burn, take it off immediately.

  7. Check it. Remove bleach from a small portion of hair with cool water and see if it’s lightened enough. If not, cover back small area of hair and keep bleach on another 5 minutes.

  8. Take bleach off. Using cool water remove all bleach and pat dry using a towel.

  9. Throw away any leftover bleach. Product that has been mixed cannot be saved.

  10. Moisturize. The product may dry out skin a bit and you'll want to re-hydrate it. Preferably you would want to use something that's unscented, a lotion for the body and moisturizer for the face.

What You Need

  • Bleaching kit
  • Unscented lotion or moisturizer (optional)
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