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Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing falls into a class of its own because the nature of this specialty service. Learn how to get the best results by knowing what to expect, picking the right technician and what to do before and after your wax.

Brazilian Waxing
Brazilian waxing tips for women and men. How to find a great tech, have less pain, design, personalize your service and safety precautions.

What Can I Expect at a Brazilian Wax Job?
What can I expect at a Brazilian wax job? Find out what it's like and how to prepare.

How Can I Brazilian Wax at Home?
Brazilian waxing at home? It may sound like a big money-saver. Things to considering before removing the hair.

What Is a Brazilian Wax?
What is a brazilian wax? Learn more about this famous and very requested bikini wax.

Male Brazilian Wax. Men's Bikini Wax. What To Expect.
Brazilian wax isn't just for women- men get this service that lasts so much longer than shaving. We tell you what to expect.

Brazilian Waxing Tips
Pre and post care Brazilian wax tips. How to minimize pain, redness, bumps and ingrowns. Find out what to expect during your service.

Brazilian Hair Removal Waxing Expert
Find out more about Leonard Serrani, a Brazilian hair removal waxing expert. Serrani provides over 90% waxing services, mostly the Brazilian. Thousands of students have been educated by him in waxing basics through advanced techniques.

What's the Difference Between a Brazilian and Hollywood Wax?
Waxing Hollywood, is this a new type of wax? What's the difference between a Hollywood Wax and a Brazilian? We tell you.

The Real Deal on a Brazilian Waxing
A brazilian waxing doesn't have to be a scary experience if you go to the right technician. Expert Brazilian waxer and educator Lenny reveals what to look for and how to get a great wax.

How Does Brazilian Wax Pain Compare to a Regular Bikini?
Brazilian wax pain might be a bit different than a regular bikini wax. But how much does a Brazilian bikini wax hurt? Not as much as you think, with the right technician of course.

Bikini and Brazilian Waxing for Men
Learn more about Brazilian waxing for men. What the different styles mean and if you should try this at home.

What is a ‘Brazil’ Wax and Where Did It Come From?
What's a Brazil wax and where did it originate? What hair can I expect to be removed for men and women?

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