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How Can I Brazilian Wax at Home?


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Question: How Can I Brazilian Wax at Home?

This specialty wax is a very intricate process that removes most of the hair from the pubic area, from the middle, all the way to the back. Sometimes it leaves a small strip or shape like a triangle, oval or square in the front. It's almost humanly impossible to perform on yourself because you couldn't reach all those areas on your own, even putting the risks aside.

The skin in this area is extremely sensitive, so if you want this done, it's not the time to try to save money. You could cause yourself to be sore for days, or worse, burn, tear or bruise your skin.

Even Cosmetologists and Estheticians that are licensed to perform waxing often struggle with giving a safe and effective Brazilian wax. It's an advanced service that needs to be performed by someone not only licensed, but experienced and skilled in this particular technique (read what to look for).

Bikini Vs. Brazilian Wax at Home

If you're just looking to clean up the hair outside your panty line, a do-it-yourself regular bikini wax is an option because the bikini line is just the extension of your leg into your inner thigh, whereas the Brazilian continues to remove hair into your genital region. Not to say that you couldn't run into potential problems in waxing your bikini line, it's still much safer than taking all of your pubic hair off.

Bottom line, don't try it at home. Pick up the phone and make an appointment. Or to save money, stick to the do-it-yourself version of waxing your bikini line.

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