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Brazilian Waxing

Tips and FAQs for Men and Women


Everything you need to know about Brazilian waxing whether you’re been getting them for years or are new to the scene. We cover the basics, compare it to other popular styles, how to get a great service, feel less pain, keep yourself safe, including designing and special tips particularly for men.

1. What's a Brazilian Wax?

Let’s start with the basics. The story behind the name, how it’s been rumored to become so popular in the U.S. and what can you generally expect if you ask for it.

2. Waxing at Home

Thinking of your wallet, it’s only natural for it to cross your mind to pick up products for home. It sounds easy enough, right? You put the wax on and rip it off. Not so fast. What you should know before picking up a kit and where you can and shouldn’t remove hair in the bikini zone on your own.

3. What Can I Expect?

You know what hair you’re going to get removed, but what actually happens during the service. How is the skin prepped? How do they get to all the areas, like the backside? Will I feel uncomfortable? Do I wear anything? Questions like these and other frequently asked ones answered.

4. How to Get a Great Wax

What are good and bad signs at the salon? What should and shouldn’t the technician be doing to keep you safe from diseases and unnecessary side effects.

5. Does it Hurt?

It may sound extremely painful to remove hair in this sensitive zone, but definitely doesn’t need to be. Learn more about why it can range from very uncomfortable to just minor discomfort, and how to get more of the latter- even if the mere thought makes you twinge.

6. Bikini Wax Look

The hair has just been pulled out, so we can’t expect the skin to look exactly the same as pre-wax. Find out about what’s considered a normal reaction and how long it should approximately last and signs the service has gone wrong.

7. How is it different than a Hollywood?

Very similar styles, but they do differ. See what makes each one distinct and when to ask for one over the other. Plus, why it’s not a good idea for first-timers.

8. What’s a Landing Strip?

This section of hair is often left with a Brazilian on both men and women. Learn more about how to communicate with your technician on getting just the right width and length, including the tricks on acheiving straight lines shaving at home.

9. Styles for Men

Male specific parts call for different style names. Read more about some popular ones, what hair is left and removed, including how to personalize your wax.

10. Waxing Male Genitals

A full Brazilian for a guy often removes some hair on the genitals. Is this safe? And if so, what are the precautions?

11. Color

If you do have some hair remaining, like a landing strip or triangle, you can be creative and match it to the hair on your head, cover grey or do something daring. Bikini zone hair can be transformed to a new hue at home with special color made just for this area.

12. How to Vajazzle

Even if going completely bare in the bikini zone, there’s still some designing that can be done. Trade in the hair for jewels, or frame the hair that remains. Use-pre-made creations or your vivid imagination. It’s fast, easy and a simple design can be done at home.
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