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Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Creams- Body & Face

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

I really wanted to love these products. They seemed to be different with the addition of mango butter, acai berry and clay. But, alas, for me they were basically like the previous Nair hair removal creams I’ve tried with a little less burn. However, my friend seems to have been won over.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Nice applicators


  • Classic Nair scent
  • May feel burning
  • May leave skin red for some time
  • Manufacturer: Church & Dwight Co
  • Usage: Hair removal creams (depilatories)
  • Average Prices: $5.99 - Face Cream / $8.99 - Body Cream at time of review

Review: Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Cream and Body Cream

My friend and I tried two separate Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Creams, one for the face and one for the body. We had somewhat different results on how our skin and hair reacted.

The Face Cream

Image Courtesy PriceGrabber

I tried the Face Cream product on coarse hair first, the upper lip and chin areas. It was easy to use and there was no waste. The applicator reminded me of an old rubber cement top. I think I just dated myself, although I don't know if the top has changed much since the last time I used it!

It went on smooth and without a giant mess. I left the product on for about six minutes and tried wiping it off as the directions specified. Since the hair was very coarse, I had to reapply and leave it on for a full nine minutes. I felt like that was a long time to have a chemical on my face.

I noticed a lot of tingling on my upper lip. It was almost a burning sensation but less of a burn than the old Nair products would give. That was a plus, but was still uncomfortable nonetheless.

I didn't have to reappply for a third time because all the hair was removed. I did have redness for about twenty minutes even after I showered. My skin felt soft and not burned. I almost had a numb feeling on my upper lip. My chin was fine and I had no dryness after I was done.

A Friend's Upper Lip Hair takes the Challenge

My friend came over and tried the product with her own bottle of face cream I gave to her. She has very fine hair, but a very thick 'stache. Only leaving on the product five minutes and her hair was gone. There was some redness, but it went away in ten minutes.

She agreed it smelled like the other Nair products, however she didn't have that same burning feeling she normally gets with them. In fact, she loved it and said she's going to keep using it being so easy and convenient.

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The Body Cream: Two Different Experiences

Next, up the body cream. I only left the cream on my leg for four minutes and I couldn't stand the discomfort. My coarse hair planted the flag and was not moving. My left leg was red and irritated after I was done with the worst itching and tingling feeling, staying red for almost thirty minutes! So I wasn’t a fan at all.

Now, my friend tried the exact same product on her left leg and she raved about it! She didn’t have any discomfort and although her leg was red after the five minutes, she was hair free. The redness only stayed for about ten minutes and she was ready for the micro mini. Well, at least her left leg was.

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The Moral of the Story

Image Courtesy PriceGrabber

It depends on your hair and skin how this formula personally works for you. I did give the products just more than a couple stars because they did work, just better for my friend. They weren't my favorite though.

There are some depilatories on the market that are better, but they're also more expensive. These products are worth trying if you like this quick, easy and generally pain-free way of removing hair because they can be picked up at the drugstore and don't cost an arm and a leg.

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