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Depil Silk Hair Removal Spray Review

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating
User Rating 2 Star Rating (1 Review)


depil silk, depil silk hair removal spray review
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The Bottom Line

Depil Silk Hair Removal Spray is a nice for those of you who are lucky enough to have thinner hair. For those of you who have thicker and coarser hair, stick to the old stand bys like Nair.


  • Works great on thinner hair


  • Doesn't work well on coarse hair
  • Same old depilatory smell with an added cucumber melon scent


  • Manufacturer: Idea Village
  • Usage: Hair removal spray
  • Average price:$9.95
  • Kit includes: Depil Silk Spray (additional items included vary)

Guide Review - Depil Silk Hair Removal Spray Review

I used this on my husband who has been my guinea pig for a few reviews now. I told his it was time to get rid of the hair sweater that he has been plagued with as he has gotten older.

Let's Remove Your Back Hair

We set up in my office and off his shirt went. He lay down and so began the story of de-shedding the beast. I used the convenient pump action spray bottle and liberally sprayed the product onto his back. I have to tell you that there were a few yipes and gripes coming from his mouth because he said the product was cold. I even held it in my hands for a few minutes, but he swore that the lotion was freezing going on.

That Depilatory Smell Can Never be Masked

I immediately noticed the trusty depilatory smell. It is something you can never forget like the smell of a perm. Yea, I am old! It was a smell that was trying to be masked by a cucumber and melon scent. Didn't work though.

How Does it Feel?

After spraying the product, I had to lightly spread the product with my fingers to get an even coverage over the hair sweater. Robert said he did not feel anything, just the cold from the product. No tingling and no burning.

A Hair Free Back?

After 7 minutes, I used the included towel and began wiping the product away. To my amazement, the hair came with it. The hair was completely covering this brand new white towel. After a few warm water rinses of the towel and wipes of his back, he was hair free. There was no redness and no irritation. Every hair was removed and it was painless.

For the next few hours Robert, my husband, said he did not like the way his back felt. He could not explain the feeling but he thought he was going to be miserable as the hair grew back. He wasn't, and the hair seemed to grow back slowly and did not appear to be thicker or coarser.

My Turn: Coarse Leg Hair

I couldn't be left out of the fun and games so I tried Depil Silk Hair Removal Spray on one leg. I sprayed the depilatory and whoa! It was freezing. It was definitely a cold feeling. I had no burning or any other sensation. I did notice that while standing up, the depilatory did tend to drip.

These Hairs Won't Come off!

I left it on for 7 minutes and started to wipe it off. Unfortunately, I did not have the same great results as my husband. Most of the hair did not budge. So I left it on a few more minutes and gave it another shot. Nope. A few hairs were removed but it did not come off like I thought it would. The only difference was the coarse leg hair versus my husband's thinner back hair.
User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Thinner hair: maybe Thick/coarse hair don't bother, Member jrg457

Well, I decided to try it since it was on clearance at a local store and I hate shaving, but it was a waste of time and money. When I put it on, it was oddly cold. I didn't have any irritation or burning though. It does NOT have a ""refreshing cucumber melon scent."" It smells like someone got a perm, and tried to cover it up with bathroom spray. On my lower leg I have very thick, coarse hair and by the end of the day, assuming I shaved that morning, I have 5 O'clock shadow (except on my legs.) A little farther up my legs I have thinner hair that I don't have to shave for several days. It took the thinner stuff off, but other than the fact that it smells like I gave my leg a perm, it didn't even remove 2 or 3 hairs off my lower leg. The one thing that concerns me is that the washcloth looked like it removed my tan. (natural not spray) I know it will exfoliate my shin to some degree but the white washcloth turned my skin color afterwards. I live in Florida and I hope it doesn't make me get sunburned. Anyways if you have thick or coarse hair save your time and money and don't try it.

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