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Sally Hansen Pure Scent-sation Hair Removal Crème for Body

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sally hansen pure scent-sation
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The Bottom Line

I loved this easy to use pump action hair removal crème! Okay, I wouldn’t consider the scent pure, but it was one of the simplest products to use and kept my legs smooth for four days.
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  • Does the job well
  • Easy to use


  • The smell is not that pure!


  • Manufacturer: Sally Hansen
  • Usage: Hair removal crème
  • Options: For body and face

Guide Review - Sally Hansen Pure Scent-sation Hair Removal Crème for Body

Finally, someone actually came up with a crème hair remover that did not have a horrible smell. I wouldn't go as far as calling it pure, but it was not that bad either.

The box looked like the well-known Sally Hansen orange and white box. I opened it up and found a convenient pump inside. Wow, a simple and easy way to get the product out of the container. And easy it was.

I used this product on my legs. I have coarse, thick hair and I do not like shaving. I wax. But I really wanted to give this product a try since I don't always have the time to go for my waxing and I really don't want to shave every day.

I applied a generous amount of product on my legs and waited for three minutes on my right leg before I began to remove the product. I had no burning or stinging and although I didn't care for the smell, it was tolerable. I removed the product and noticed that I still had some hair that was hanging on for dear life.

After about four and a half minutes, I removed the hair removal creme from my left leg. This leg was left completely hairless and smooth. I did not feel and stinging or burning even though I left it on a little longer.

I noticed that the hair seemed to be gone from under my skin. No five o'clock shadow from a lazy shaving job on my gams! My skin felt moisturized and not tight like some creams leave your skin feeling.

The best part about it, I didn't have to shave for four days. That is a record for my Italian legs. I actually enjoyed using Sally Hansen Pure Scent-Sation Hair Removal Creme. The bottle gave me three applications on both legs.

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User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Great for Bikini Line, Member kj_austin

I use this product every 2 weeks or so to remove hair along my bikini line. I do not leave the removal creme on for more than 5 minutes. I have never had a problem with burning, stinging, or pain. No problems with bumps or ingrown hairs. I would not say the scent is pure, but it is much better than other products I've used. I have been using this product regularly for more than a year and recommend it.

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