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Electrolysis Hair Removal Information

Top Three Misconceptions


Electrolysis Hair Removal Information
Thomas_EyeDesign/E+/Getty Images
There's alot of electrolysis hair removal information floating around out there. Many times people are mislead about this hair removal method. The biggest misconceptions about electrolysis are:
  1. It hurts. Electrolysis treatments sting, but individual tolerances vary greatly. Even the most sensitive person should be able to tolerate the treatments. The sting from treatment is quick, and then it’s over. If you find the treatments intolerable, then you might consult with another electrologist.

  2. It’s expensive. The expense of treatments might sound like a lot when talking about the total cost, but compared to other beauty services such as hair coloring and nail services, electrology treatments are permanent. So the investment stays with you while other services require indefinite repetition.

    The average electrology client will spend $20.00 to $60.00 per month in the beginning, with decreasing costs as they progress. Women who do acrylic nails routinely spend $50.00 a month and hair coloring costs $50.00 to $100.00 a month.

  3. It doesn’t work. CAVEAT EMPTOR: There are electrolysis practitioners who have poor skills, and they are one reason that consumers believe that treatments either hurt too much, are too expensive or don’t work. Improperly performed treatments will not provide results.

    In addition, many consumers who claim electrolysis did not work for them, when questioned further, did not abide by the recommended treatment schedule, or will admit that they continued to tweeze between treatments, which hampers results. There are many things that consumers need to be aware of in selecting an electrologist.

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