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What Are the Different Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems?


What Are the Different Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems?
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Question: What Are the Different Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems?
Answer: There are three modalities used in electrology treatments, however, the differences in treatments go further than the basic physics of current application.
  • Galvanic. the original electrolysis modality, is applied via direct current, resulting in a chemical change of salt and water to lye surrounding the hair follicle.

  • Thermolysis. Also known as radio- or high-frequency, uses alternating current to provide heat in the follicle.

  • Blend. A combination of the direct and alternating current, so that a chemical and heating action occur together or sequentially in the follicle. Since the advent of computerized epilators, there are many nuances to these current applications.

There are two factors that determine results with any of the modalities and nuances thereof. The first is that the current is applied via a fine wire filament, also known as an electrolysis needle. Other methods of applying electrology currents to the skin will not deliver the type of treatment energy that will result in stopping hair growth in the follicle. The second factor that determines results with electrology modalities is practitioner skill. Selecting a skilled electrologist may be the most important factor in getting results.

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