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Help! I Have Bushy Eyebrows


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Question: Help! I Have Bushy Eyebrows
Answer: If you have what you would call full or bushy eyebrows, you have them for a reason. People have naturally full brows to work in balance with other facial features like large eyes, lips or a strong jaw line.

Be Careful

If you’re a man, you definitely don’t want to take a lot of hair out, otherwise you can risk looking feminine. A woman can remove more hair than a man, but still has to be careful. Otherwise her brows can be too thin for her face, not make the right sized frame for her eyes, and make her look outdated or aged.

Try This First

The first thing to do before removing hair is to trim them (get how-to guide). This helps remove the excess bulk, keeps the brows in place, makes them appear lighter- and yes- less bushy. After this bulk is removed, you'll be able to see more clearly what hair, if any, needs to be removed.

Fine Tuning

Sometimes trimming is enough for teens and men, often women need to do a little more work for bushy eyebrows. We have a shaping step-by-step (see instructions) for women that shows you where your brows should start, end and where to place the arch. For men we have a grooming guide that helps you tune up your brows (get instructions), and still look like a guy. Whether you are a man or a woman, remember to start out slow, you can always remove more as you go along.
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