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Is It Safe to Shave Pubic Hair?


Question: Is It Safe to Shave Pubic Hair?
Answer: Since you are using a razor, you do have to be careful in this sensitive zone. Especially if you are taking most or all of the hair off. But it's generally safe to shave your pubic hair if you do it correctly, use the right tools and take a little precaution.

Shaving One Part is Different Than the Other

Using the razor on your face, underarms, or legs is one thing. But this zone is a bit different. We have intimate shaving guides for both men and women that help you step-by-step get a safe shave while avoiding common problems like nicks, razor burn and ingrown hair.

Removing It All?

Many men and women like much more than a clean-up, and prefer to get rid of it all or just leave a shaved design or landing strip. Here are some tips to stay safe while going almost or totally bare.
  • Women. Be careful when shaving on the labia and use short strokes and a gentle pressure. Also, by wearing a vaginal shield while shaving called the Va j-j Visor (read review) you will protect the inner vulva from nicks, cuts and product.
  • Men. Shaving the hair on your skin is different than removing the hair from your genitals. You don't want to use a manual razor here, but can still cut the hair off with other tools (read tips).

Instead of Shaving, Trim

If you aren't comfortable taking a razor on your entire bikini zone you can always clean up with shaving and trim the rest. Learn about the different ways: How To Trim Pubic Hair.
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