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Is It Okay and Normal to Shave Pubic Hair?


Question: Is It Okay and Normal to Shave Pubic Hair?
Answer: It's a personal preference whether you want to remove or keep it. But it's commonly done and considered safe if you use the right technique and tools. The pages that we have here at About.com- Hair Removal about getting a smooth bikini line or area are extremely popular.

Both men and women get rid of hair in their intimate zone. Some people just remove the hair outside their underwear line. Others like to remove almost all of their hair, and many like to go totally bare.

Keep in mind that it's a bit shaving your bikini zone than your face or legs. Pubic hair tends to be curlier and thicker than some other parts of the body. So it's prone to getting razor burn, ingrown hair and irritation- especially your first couple of times. Our guides below help you to avoid these problems and get a safe, close shave.

If you have never shaved your pubic hair before, it's good to start out with just doing the hair outside your underwear and working up from there. Often it's too much to shave it all off right from the start.

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