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Will Shaving Make Thicker Pubic Hair?


Question: Will Shaving Make Thicker Pubic Hair?
Answer: In a simple answer, it won’t. So why do many people still think that shaving will make hair grow back thicker? It’s an illusion. Hair that has never been shaved has a tapered or beveled edge. Once it’s cut, the edge is now blunt. So when it grows back above the skin’s surface, not only does it feel stiffer than before, it looks thicker too.

Since pubic hair is generally thick to begin with, it can feel stiffer than other body parts that have also been shaved. This blunt edge created from shaving, not only makes hair appear thicker, but makes it easier for the hair to break into the skin and produce ingrown hair or razor bumps. Learn how to do a close, safe shave while avoiding common side effects of the razor in: Shaving Pubic Hair Guide.

There are other hair removal methods like waxing and sugaring that will not only keep hair away much longer, but remove the entire follicle when performed properly. So it grows back with the natural tapered or beveled edge. Learn more in: How To Remove Pubic Hair.
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