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How To Trim Pubic Hair


Whether you like gadgets or want to use the basics, we’ll show you how to trim pubic hair. Get groomed without shaving yourself bare and avoid the side effects that the razor can bring.

1. Comb and Scissors

Dave White / IStockPhoto
Simple, easy and cheap. Learn how to use scissors and a comb to trim hair down, without any cuts or nicks.

2. Regular Hair Clippers

how to trim pubic hair
Matjaz Boncina /IStockPhoto
If you have regular hair clippers around the house, they can do the job for trimming, but not shaving hair down totally. Read how to use the attachments and why not to invest in one for trimming pubic hair alone.

3. Schick Trim Style for Women

schick trimstyle for women, pubic hair removal
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
Want to shave your bikini line and trim the rest? You can right while you shower. One side is Schick’s four blade razor with conditioning strips, the other side a waterproof battery-operated trimmer that adjusts to three different lengths. Perfect for the bikini area, the trimmer is very narrow for easy guiding. Although Schick Quattro Trim Style (read review) doesn’t have the most powerful blades, it does the job at an affordable price.
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4. Men’s Body Groomers

philips norelco bodygroom
©2004-2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics
Especially made for total body grooming, including down below. These wet/dry shavers allow you trim while controlling the length, or shave hair totally down with special blades. They're also great for removing hair on the genitals- because you don't want to take a regular manual razor there. Ouch!

5. Bliss Philips Bikini Perfect

bliss philips bikini deluxe
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
A girl has got to have options. Some days you want to trim, other times shave, and every now and then, pull it out from the root. Sometimes, maybe a combination of all in your bikini zone. This cordless, rechargeable grooming system does it all with six attachments in or out of the shower. Trimmer, epilator, micro shaver and micro trimmer attachments allow you to shave, trim or pull the hair totally out. Our full review shares why it got 4.5 stars from us (read review).
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6. Venus Bikini Razor Kit

gillette venus bikini, trimming bikini hair
Image Courtesy Venus
This three piece kit includes a trimmer that you simply swipe over the hair, no batteries required. Get the trimmer with the Venus Embrace Razor and Olay Bikini Lotion for under $10, or purchase it alone (read review).
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7. Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver & Trimmer

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This is a small, cordless titanium rotary style shaver with a built-in trimmer that comes up with a push of a button. It's especially made for the coarse hair of the bikini area and worked great for my assistant Nicole, leaving her without redness, bumps or irritation.
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