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The Top 10 Pubic Hair Shaving Products

Get a Close Shave, Beat Redness, Ingrown hairs and Bumps


Pubic hair shaving requires more than picking up any old products you can find for this delicate and sensitive zone. Forget about using a cheap disposable razor and regular shaving cream. If you want smooth skin, less nicks and bumps with longer lasting results- you need the right tools.

1. The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream for Women

© The Art of Shaving
Made with the very beautiful, feminine scent of rose attar essential oil, it’s the best shaving cream I have ever tried (read review). It not only gives you an amazing close, smooth shave but also moisturizes skin and does the job preventing ingrown hairs.
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2. GiGi Brazilian Shave Gel

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If taking all of your hair off or making designs is in your plans, this is for you. The gel is fairly clear so you'll have an easier time seeing exactly where you're shaving. Specifically made for pubic hair shaving, micro beads are in this formula containing salycilic acid to help avoid red shaving bumps with lavender and chamomile to condition skin.
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3. The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream for Men

© The Art of Shaving
When my husband tried this product, he actually was able to skip a day shaving his face. He also agrees with me, it’s the best shaving cream he’s ever tried (read review). They make three different ‘scents’ from real essential oils specifically for different skin types: lavender, sandalwood and lemon or unscented for those sensitive or allergic to fragrance.
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4. Anti-Irritation Pre Shave Oil by Ritual's Skin Care

Copyright © 2007 Rituals Skin Care, LLC
Applied first before your shaving cream, pre shave oil creates a barrier between the razor and your skin so it’s easier for the blade to glide which means fighting common problems easier when shaving the pubic area- irritation, redness and razor burn. Tamanu oil is added in this formula because of its antiseptic properties, and can fight the bacteria that can cause another big challenge- ingrown hairs. Rituals Skin Care is a line made by a licensed Esthetician containing natural and organic ingredients.

5. Hair Care Down There's Ultimate Shaving Kit

pubic hair shaving
©2003-2008 Hair Care Down There, Inc.
Can you say everything you need but the kitchen sink? Hair Care Down There’s Ultimate Shaving Kit is serious about getting great results. The groundwork is a three-part shaving system with a clear non-foaming shaving gel, soother to prevent ingrown hairs, and moisturizer. A very detailed instructions booklet, mirror, razor, stencils and body jewels for designing also make up this kit.

6. Norelco Philips Bodygroom

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Guys, if shaving your genitals is in your plans, you don’t want to take a regular razor to them. Instead use a personal body groomer which allows you to control the length by shaving the hair down completely or trimming the length, without risking cuts or nicks.
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7. Tend Skin

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Bumps and ingrown hairs are two big main concerns after pubic hair shaving. Tend skin (read review) is specifically made to help fight unsightly redness and keep skin smooth.
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8. Schick Quattro For Women

guide to shaving pubic hair
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The razor you use has a huge factor on your results. A pivoting head and conditioning strips are a must for this sensitive area. To date, Schick Quattro for Women is by far my favorite razor (read review).
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9. Betty Charmcils

pubic hair shaving
Photo © bettybeauty inc.

The new meaning to designer bikini, more people are getting creative with shaved pubic hair designs. Stencils make the job easy and inexpensive to do right at home. Each pack includes one of each shape: lightning bolt, flower, star, bow tie, heart, peace sign, money sign and lips. They are thin, so they may fall apart if you get them wet and work best if you outline the shape with a red lip liner and then do the shaving with a clear shaving gel.

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10. Ayate Washcloth

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A mild exfoliation will help rid dead skin cells, provide a closer shave and help avoid ingrown hairs. The Ayate washcloth is made of natural fibers, more mold-resistant than a loofah and can be used alone or with your favorite body wash.

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