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How To Prevent Pubic Shaving Rash


pubic shaving rash, pubic razor burn

Using a cheap disposable razor often leads to pubic razor rash

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Pubic shaving rash or razor burn is quite common in this area over others because the hair is thicker and can affect those with more sensitive skin or who shave often. But we have some tips to minimize burning, redness and pain.

  • Allow skin and hair to soften. Instead of jumping in the shower and shaving immediately, let the steam relax skin for about five minutes so it's more pliable.

  • Use a moisturizing shave gel or cream. Alcohol strips moisture from the skin. Stay clear if that's in the ingredients list, especially at the beginning. Instead choose products containing hydrating ingredients like glycerin, goat's milk, shea butter, and oils.

    Prefer a gel and on a budget? Try Bikini Zone Shave Gel. Love the consistency of a cream? Give this one from Simply Sensual a shot.
  • Trim hair first. If you use your razor to trim hair, it not only uses valuable cutting power but dulls the blade (which causes burn), and irritates skin by pulling on hair. Cut the length down first with clippers using a guard or the Venus Bikini Trimmer (read review).

  • Choose the right razor. Electric razors made for the face and cheap disposables are out. Definitely use a high quality pivoting razor with moisture strips. If your skin is very sensitive, try using a single blade razor, rather than one with mulitiple blades.

  • Use pre shaving oil. All it takes is a couple drops (compare prices) underneath your shaving gel or cream to create a barrier on the skin so the razor glides instead of drags. It also helps prevent ingrown pubic hair too!

  • Watch your technique. Use firm, but not aggressive pressure using warm, not hot, water. Go over an area once, maybe twice with the razor. Holding skin taut will provide a closer shave, but may cause irritation. If you have very sensitive skin, only shave with the grain of hair. Don't forget to rinse your blade thoroughly between strokes to avoid pubic hair shaving rash. When finished, rinse skin of hair with cool water.

  • Keep skin moisturized. Use an aftershave or light lotion that doesn't contain alcohol, perfumes, dyes or artificial fragrances. Regular deodorant soaps can be very harsh and drying, use something gentle like Tom's of Maine Deodorant Soap (compare prices).

  • Beware of heat and friction. Stay away from hot tubs, saunas and tanning beds the day of shaving. Do not make tight clothing part of your fashion plan. Abstain from sexual activity for at least a couple of hours, if not more.

Already have a razor rash? Read our tips for treatment: How To Get Rid of Pubic Razor Burn.

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