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Proven Methods to Avoid Ingrown Pubic Hairs


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Ingrown pubic hairs are extremely common because the hair in this zone is thicker and curly. But, that doesn't mean you have to choose between getting hairless and having bumps, redness and infection that often comes along. With a little prevention and know-how, we'll help you have the best of both worlds.

How to Prevent Ingrown Pubic Hairs

  • Shave correctly. Using a razor often creates a sharp edge, which makes the hair easier to point into the skin. Our guide to shaving pubic hair includes information for both men and women to help you get a close shave, while avoiding redness, razor burn and bumps.

  • Take extra precautions when waxing. Sharp edges are common with waxing because hair is often broke above or below the skin's surface when removed. So if you're waxing at home, make sure to follow the steps closely to waxing your bikini line and curb the amount of hair breaking off, instead of being totally removed.

    Learn more: Prevent Ingrown Hair After Waxing

  • Switch to another hair removal method. Sugaring is another method to consider. It's much gentler to the skin and the real technique using a paste removes hair in the direction of growth (unlike waxing) therefore minimizes hair breakage. Read more about hair removal methods and avoid ingrown hairs.


    Whatever hair removal method you choose to use, keeping your skin in the right condition will prevent ingrown pubic hairs. I'm sure you've heard it before: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • Exfoliate. Regularly ridding dead skin cells helps keep hairs pointing up. My pick is an Ayate washcloth (compare prices). It's inexpensive, made of natural fibers, mold-resistant and can be thrown in with your other wash.

    • Moisturize. Deodorant soaps, hot water and cold weather conditions can all cause or aggravate dry skin. So make sure to use an unscented lotion (keep on the outside of body) after showering so skin stays soft and pliable, not an easy ground for the hair to break through.

    • Watch your fashion. Tight pants, shorts or underwear can encourage the hair to grow back into the skin.

    • Keep a bump-fighter on hand. Just in case you see some bumps forming, have an ingrown hair product ready and tackle them right away.
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