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Do Epilators Cause Ingrown Hair?


epilator ingrown hair
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Question: Do Epilators Cause Ingrown Hair?
Is ingrown hair more common and caused by the epilator or am I doing something wrong?
Answer: Ingrown hair can be caused from every form of hair removal, but is more common with epilators. However, if the proper procedures are followed, an epilator can be one of your biggest assets and can also save you money in the long run.

Preventing Ingrown Hair from Epilators

  • Make sure the epilator is in good condition. If you have dropped it and not taken care of it, then chances are it will cause ingrown hair. If anything is tweaked even a little bit, you may have problems. For example, if the tweezers are bent it may not grasp the hair properly and cause breakage under the skin, causing ingrown hair.

  • Keep your unit clean. Make sure your unit is clean before using. Follow the manufacturers' directions for exactly how to clean the epilator because bacteria can easily enter without being seen. Keep in mind anytime you remove hair out of the follicle, you are leaving it open for bacteria to enter. Cleaning your unit regularly will help keep bacteria at bay; thus helping prevent ingrown hair.

  • Practice does make perfect. The more you use the epilator, you can get the correct position so it becomes a muscle memory when using the unit.

  • Hold skin taut. If skin is taut while you're epilating you'll be more likely to remove the hair root from the follicle, and not just break it under the skin.

  • Do this post-epilating. I also have found that using a skin toner after epilating can also aid in preventing ingrown hair because it helps close the pore to the follicle, making it more difficult for bacteria to invade.

  • Exfoliate. Regularly ridding dead skin cells helps keep hairs pointing up. If skin isn't inflamed or infected a couple times of week (1 - 3 depending on skin type) use a body scrub or ayate washcloth (compare prices).

Which Epilators Work for Me

I have had a difficult time in deciding which I felt was the best epilator. I have to give a draw between two, The Emjoi Emagine and The Epilady Legend. I like the Emjoi because it is fast and it works. It's corded so it only works if you have an outlet for power. The Epilady is outstanding as well. It's cordless so you can take it with you on the go. They are both great and the breakage was minimal with each one. Again practice makes perfect so give them a chance and learn what works for you.
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