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What's the Cure For Razor Bumps?


Question: What's the Cure For Razor Bumps?
Answer: Razor bumps are hairs that first grow out the skin, but then turn and grow back into skin. Ingrown hairs, on the other hand, never break the skin’s surface but continue growing back into the hair follicle. Although, I can’t say there is one simple “cure”, both conditions are still hair invading the skin, and they’re prevented and treated similarly.

First Step: Prevention

Shaving depletes moisture from your skin and cuts hair blunt, both creating breeding grounds for the hair to grow back into the skin. But simple changes to your routine like: not shaving with excessive pressure, using a shaving oil and shaving brush, and choosing the right razor will help you seeing less redness and bumps.

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Treating Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

Because redness, bumps and even infection are a problem for many, a wide range of products are on the market that work fast in ridding these issues. To save money, you can opt for home made remedies with items you probably already have in your cupboard, for pennies on the dollar.

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