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GiGi No Bump Rx Skin Treatment

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The Bottom Line

GiGi No Bump Rx Skin Treatment works at an affordable price. If you are in love with Tend Skin but not in love with the cost, check this one out!
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  • Helps prevent ingrown hair and razor burn
  • Non-drying


  • Burns if used right after shaving


  • Manufacturer: GiGi
  • Usage: Ingrown hair and redness treatment
  • Average price: $8.99 for 4 oz.

Guide Review - GiGi No Bump Rx Skin Treatment

I saw this simple green bottle of this product at Sally Beauty supply in the skin care section. I picked it up for less than ten bucks and thought I would give it a shot on a couple of clients.

Sometimes, it is inevitable that red bumps or ingrown hair will appear after hair removal. Depending on the person's skin type or hormone levels, these bumps can appear no matter how good your skin care therapist is at waxing or how cautious you are shaving.

What My Clients Think

I gave sample bottles to a few of my clients to use and I didn't get any negative comments. I have several clients that are religious users of Tend Skin, but in this economy, they have passed on buying it for now. Even for those people who would rather use nothing than turn on the brand, liked this product. The other great thing was when I told them how much it costs. For a third of the price they were getting a product that seemed to work just as well!

No Bump was simple to use. I applied it to clients with a cotton ball to the areas that I had removed hair from. I would wait for a few minutes before using it because I was told it did sting a bit. That is normal since there is alcohol in it.

Now My Thoughts

I began using it on myself as a preventative measure and because it was inexpensive. I felt like my skin was healthier and I had less incidents of redness after hair removal.

The scent was light but I could not pinpoint what the scent was. I could deal with it though. I did experience the tingling, but I like that sensation because I feel like it is working! The best part was I did not feel dry or itchy after using it.

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