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How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Must-Have Shaving Products


How to prevent razor bumps? It has a lot to do with the products you use when you shave. Using a razor zaps moisture from the skin and cuts hair blunt, both creating breeding grounds for the hair to grow back into the skin. With a little help we can have you seeing less redness, bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation.

1. Use a Shaving Oil

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This easy and quick step applied under your shaving cream or gel protects skin working as a barrier so the razor will glide easier instead of dragging, for a more comfortable shave. Made up of oils, it replenishes moisture lost from shaving and wards off irritation. Skin that is soft and pliable makes ingrown hair harder to break into (compare prices).

To save money, vegetable glycerin is an inexpensive alternative. See more ways to cut money off shaving expenses.

2. Try a Shaving Brush

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This isn't just for men, alot of women are seeing the benefits. This tool actually helps lifts hair up, so you get a closer shave and the razor cuts hair more bluntly, instead of at an angle. We want to avoid the sharp tips of angles, which makes hair piercing and growing into skin a lot easier. And here you thought a shaving brush was only to make you look hot.
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3. Use a Clarisonic to Apply Cream or Gel

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Made for cleansing, this tool also helps point hair up giving you a closer shave if you use it to apply your shaving cream or gel. Because of its powerful, yet gentle cleansing and exfoliation, many men report it wards off razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Use it to cleanse your entire face, and you'll probably see brighter, clearer skin while noticing less fine lines or wrinkles like most users. (I'm one, I love my Clarisonic.) You don't have to get the full-sized version, the Clarisonic Mia shown, is the smaller less-expensive model with the same great qualities.

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4. What's In Your Shaving Cream?

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Many shaving creams and gels are made inexpensively with ingredients that can dry out the skin like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and alcohol. So read labels and stay clear, because dry skin makes a happy ground for bumps and ingrown hairs. Not to mention dull and dry skin.

The Art of Shaving makes the most wonderful shaving creams (compare prices) that leave skin extremely moisturized and actually work fighting off ingrown hairs. For women, I recommend their unscented.

5. Get Help from MiN Solution2 Rollerball

how to prevent razor bumps, prevent ingrown hair
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Applied just before shaving it deeply exfoliates allowing for a closer shave while helping hair to stand more upright, creating blunter ends, preventing hair from growing into skin. Solution2 also helps to prevent razor bumps with organic spearmint to clear congested skin, aspirin to exfoliate and propolyene glycol to help fight infection.

See more bump-fighting products.
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6. Use After Shave Lotion

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Shaving in itself exfoliates the skin, so it needs to be nourished and protected afterwards. But many aftershave products for men are loaded with alcohol, which may help kill bacteria, but do nothing to moisturize. My pick for both men and women is Organic Milk and Honey aftershave lotion loaded with ingredients to fight off razor side effects.

7. Is It Time to Change Razors?

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Never use a dull blade, change them out frequently, rinse thoroughly after use and stay away from disposable razors. Some find that using a razor with multiple blades aggravates their ingrown hair issues, and for others it doesn’t. The same goes for electric razors. But if you have tried other measures besides switching up your blade, without great improvement, it might be just the trick that works for you.

8. Use Ingredients at Home

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Use ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard like salt, sugar and a derivative of aspirin. Aspirin? Yes...you'll see why most retail products for fighting ingrown hairs and razor bumps contain it.
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