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Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision

Home Hair Removal System for Face, Underarms & Bikini Line


Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision
Image © Tria Beauty, Inc

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is a new model to complement its big brother, the 4X. It's also a cordless hair removal system and FDA cleared to use on the face or body, excluding the genitals, nipples and ears.

It can be used only on women's facial hair from the cheek line down, not on a man's face, jaw or neck. This particular device with its compact size is specifically made to use where the skin curves like on the bikini line (hair outside a normal underwear line), underarms and skin above the lip.

How Does it Work?

Beams of energy from the diode laser seek out the hair follicles to disable them. It has three adjustable settings from low to high, with the highest setting (three) giving off the most heat. It's not a one time deal, therefore multiple treatments are necessary for the best hair reduction results.

Safety and Effectiveness

Hair. Because the laser is seeking pigment, hair naturally needs to be on the darker side- light brown, medium brown, dark brown or black. Gray, white, red and blond hair do not have enough pigment, and it won't work.

Skin. On the flip side, if the laser attacks the pigment in the skin it can create blisters, burns and scars. A built-in skin tone sensor will only unlock if skin is in a safe range. Skin tones considered white, ivory, beige and light brown are permitted to use it for hair removal.

How it Compares to Tria Laser 4X

While they both have the same size head, use the same diode technology and have built-in skin tone sensors there are some differences in the features.

  • Battery life: The 4X runs for 30 minutes and the Precision 15 minutes.

  • Settings: The 4X has five power settings and the Precision has three.

  • Power: The fifth setting on the 4X is slightly stronger than the third setting on the Precision. While the first setting is the same on each device, setting two on the Precision is about setting three on the 4X. Setting three on the Precision is between the four and five on the 4X.

  • Display: The 4X has a window that shows if the united is locked or not, a pulse counter to track the number of pulses in a single treatment, how much battery power is left, when the skin sensor is ready for use and shows the five adjustable setting levels. The Precision does not have a window, it does display three dots on the side of the unit will indicate power on, treatment level, battery charge, skin sensor lock and error status.

  • Colors: 4X is currently available in lilac, peony, turquoise, graphite, green, lavender, fushia and gray. Precision comes in one color, a standard off-white.

  • Size: 1 lb 5 oz is the weight of the 4X which is more bulkier than the 7 oz Precision made to go over the skin's curves.

  • Life: The 4X will provide approximately 90,000 pulses and 300 charges. The Precision's life is about 165,000 pulses and 500 charges.

  • Cost: The 4x is $449 (buy direct) and the Precision is $299 (buy direct).

Facial Hair Removal for Women

While it can be used from the cheek line down on women's facial hair, there are some things to consider. The hair on the face isn't always as dark as the hair on your body or head. Blond hair won't respond. Also, laser hair removal can cause increased hair in women. It doesn't mean that it will, just that it has happened and it's a possibility.


Hair goes through three basic stages of growing, resting and shedding. All hair in an area isn't going through the same stage at any given time. For the laser to work effectively, it needs to 'zap' hair in the growth phase. This is why multiple treatments are necessary. The company recommends using the device every two weeks for up to three months or until you're satisfied with the reduction of hair.

How's the Pain?

The discomfort varies from person to person. We have different pain tolerances. It feels similar to a rubber band snap. Of course an area where the skin is often more sensitive, like the bikini line will understandably hurt more than the arm. Also it tends to be more painful when treating hair that is very dark or thick. The first treatment often brings the most discomfort and then usually gets better with further treatments as the hair is reduced.

I personally didn't feel that the Tria Laser (I used the original model) hurt that bad at all- especially considering I treated my bikini line. I used it the highest setting at the time (three) for the majority of the area. It did get more uncomfortable as I got deeper towards the panty line, so I turned it down to level two.

More heat is given off as the settings increase- therefore more pain and snap feeling. Their Smooth Start Calming Gel can be applied before using the laser to cool skin while making treatments faster, and when finished to soothe and calm.

How Much Hair Will it Reduce?

According to the instructions booklet "The results vary from person to person and depend on which body area is treated and how closely treatment instructions are followed." While the settings can be adjusted to make treatments more comfortable the company also states, "In a clinical study, higher levels were found to be 2-3 times more effective. So for best results, we recommend you use the highest setting you can tolerate."

Read about my hair-ridding results after completing all treatments: Tria Laser Review.

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