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Silk'n Flash & Go


Silk'n Flash & Go
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Silk'n Flash & Go is an FDA cleared IPL home hair removal device with five energy level settings that can be used on the face from the cheekline down and the body (excluding genitals). It requires multiple treatments to have the best results.

How Does It Work?

This hair removal product uses IPL (intense pulsed light). The the hair shaft needs to absorb this light energy and then transform it to heat to disable hair growth. Devices even using the same basic technology have different parameters, meaning they put out light at different wavelengths and pulses. The makers call theirs Home Pulsed Light™ (HPL™) technology.

Who Can Use It?

Hair color. Since the light is seeking out the hair's melanin, dark hair responds the best. Shades of brown may see a reduction in hair, but often require more treatments. Red hair isn't completely ruled out here, but may possibly benefit.

White, gray and blond hair lack sufficient melanin and don't usually respond, although the company does mention that some users have noticed results after multiple treatments. Keep in mind that facial hair, especially on women, is often light and not always the same color as your natural head's hair color.

Skin color. Light to medium skin tones can safely use this device. If the skin tone is too dark, either naturally or from sun exposure, the device will then attack the skin's melanin (color) which could cause burns, blisters and dark skin spots. A skin tone sensor, built-in to see if it's within a safe range, automatically checks at the beginning of a treatment and occasionally throughout the treatment. The light will not pulse if it perceives the skin is too dark.

Silk'n Flash & Go Versus Silk'n SensEpil?

Smaller window. The Flash & Go has a slimmer treatment window, a 4.0 squared cm. spot size (versus SensEpil's 6.0 squared cm), and allows for easier facial hair removal (the cheekline down) and getting hard to reach areas. For example, it can be used on the skin above the lip without the pulse landing on the actual lips.

More compact. It's smaller size shaped like a gun was designed so it can be moved around and stored easier.

Quicker treatments. Flash & Go gives off one pulse per 3.5 seconds, versus SensEpil's one pulse per 5 seconds.


Does It Hurt?

The feeling is often compared to some heat and a quick snap. However, it depends on one's own tolerance and skin sensitivity, including the hair thickness and where the device is being used. There are five settings, level one giving off the least amount of light energy and discomfort, and five the most.

In my personal experience, using SensEpil on my legs was virtually pain-free on level five, but did hurt sometimes on my underarms. The pain usually subsides with the number of treatments as more and more hair is reduced.

How Effective Is It?

Hair grows basically in three different stages: growing, resting and shedding. For treatments to work, hair needs to 'zapped' in the growth stage. But all of the hair isn't in the same stage at one time, therefore multiple treatments are needed. Of course more energy given off in the pulse by using the highest setting will have the best chance of reducing hair.

The company recommends treatments spaced every two weeks for the first four times. If hair has grown back after these first four treatments, the company recommends monthly treatments until desired results are achieved.

Read how many treatments I did using the original Silk'n and Silk'n SensEpil and how much hair was reduced on my lower legs and underarms in: My Silk'n Review.

My assistant Nicole tested out the Flash & Go on her chin line and part of her leg, read about her experience and results in her review.

How Much Does It Cost?

The suggested retail price for the system is $299 (buy direct) which comes with a cartridge that has 5000 pulses. Replacement cartridges retail for $40 for 1,000 pulses and can be bought discounted in a three pack. How many areas and their size treated, including how hair responds will determine how many cartridges are needed and the total amount spent.

All Flash & Go devices bought after January can purchase a cartridge with unlimited flashes that retails for $120.

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