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Remington i-Light Pro 6000 Reviews


Remington i-Light Pro 6000 Reviews
Image Courtesy Remington Products / Spectrum Brands

The Remington i-Light Pro 6000 is a corded at home IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal device with a built-in skin sensor and five setting levels. It’s cleared by the FDA designed for use on the body below the neck. This would include the stomach, bikini line, underarms, legs, arms and chest. For a complete description on how it works, who can use it and more, see its profile.

I ended up receiving two systems, and found two women who graciously volunteered to test it out. We’ll call them Tester #1 and Tester #2. Feedback and results from more than one person always helps. Neither one has ever received professional laser or IPL treatments, or used an at home device.

Tester #1

Areas being used: Legs and underarms.

Color of body hair: Dark brown, almost black.

Tester #2

Areas being used: Underarms, bikini zone, thighs and lower legs.

Color of body hair: Dark brown, except for thighs which are a light to medium brown.

Checking the Skin Tone

Intense pulsed light works by seeking out the melanin (color) in the hair. If the skin tone is too dark naturally or from tanning, it will attack that as well. This could leave the skin with burns or blisters. The device has a built-in skin sensor to make sure it falls within a safe range.

Both testers agreed it was basically easy checking the skin tone. Tester #1 commented it was a little bit more difficult on the underarms. Tester #2 thought it could sometimes be awkward.

Did it Hurt?

The device has five settings that can be adjusted depending on comfort. Using the highest level (five) gives off more energy, creating better chances of getting greater hair reduction results.

Tester #1

Level(s) used: The legs, level five. The underarms, level four.

The discomfort: Not too bad, virtually painless on the legs. On the underarms she likened it to repeated rubber band snaps, but never felt any heat.

Post treatment: There was a slight redness on the underarm areas.

Tester #2

Level(s) used: The first two treatments were on the level three. The third and fourth treatments, level five was used.

The discomfort: She didn’t feel any pain or anything that hurt, only a pinching a few times. She compared the sensation to if someone were to prick you for half a second with a needle, maybe close to a shock. She felt some heat, warm but not hot or uncomfortable, and added, “Actually, it was surprisingly relaxing to use the product.”.

Post treatment: Only one or two spots out of all the treatments had a bit of redness (which she says could have also just been from shaving right beforehand), and she tends to have sensitive skin.

Treatment Time and Working the Device

remington i light, ipl hair removal at homeImage Courtesy Remington Products / Spectrum Brands

Tester #1

Time taken: Legs about 20 minutes. Both underarms 5 -7 minutes.

Ease of use: She thought it was very uncomplicated and easy to use even with the cord.

Tester #2

Time taken: Both underarms about 6 minutes. The bikini area between 7-10 minutes. And lower legs, 10 minutes.

Ease of use: Overall it was really easy for her to use, but considers the shape of the 'handle' a bit awkward sometimes.

Results after Four Treatments

IPL isn't a one time wonder and requires multiple treatments. Hair basically goes through threee different cycles: growing, resting and shedding. But they all aren't in the same cycle at any given time. To disable the hair follicle, it needs be treated in the growing stage. The company recommends three treatments in the first month, each spaced two weeks apart, and then only as needed.

We wanted to be thorough and fair with our first review, so we waited to see how much hair would be reduced after four treatments. Each woman used it four times on each zone and shared their results two weeks after their fourth treatment, to allow hair to fall out.

Tester #1

Hair reduction: She estimated at the most there was a 10% reduction at the most on her legs and underarms.

"But I did notice I could go longer without shaving. Normally, I have to shave everyday but after using the product I can shave every other day."

Tester #2

Hair reduction: On the underarms and legs, she would say about a 30% reduction. She didn't notice any less hair in the bikini area, but did find it takes longer for it to grow in.

"As someone who naturally has to shave each day, the Remington i-Light has reduced that by a day or two longer on my legs, which is so helpful and relieving. The underarms I still have to shave each morning, but with less hair, it's so much easier to shave."


The system takes replaceable cartridges which the company says it has a life of 1500 flashes. Neither woman needed to put in a new cartridge during their four treatments.

Stay Tuned

Both testers are continuing to use the product to see if they will get more hair reduction. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the results.

Other Devices

You have your choice of FDA cleared IPL and laser hair removal products that can be used at home. Both Silk'n SensEpil and Silk'n Flash & Go are devices using IPL that can be used on the body and on the face from the cheekline down. Tria Laser for body hair removal works similarly using a diode laser.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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