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Tria Laser Hair Removal Part IV

Results after 8 treatments

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
User Rating 4 Star Rating (3 Reviews)


Elaine Atkins/Flickr
Tria Laser isn’t exactly cheap at $495 (now $449 for the 4X), but eight professional treatments on my bikini line would have set me back about $2200. Not a fly-by-night company, this is the real deal in laser at home.


  • Laser hair removal in the convenience and privacy of home
  • Can give you permanent hair reduction
  • Device won't unlock for use unless skin tone is within safe range
  • Three level settings (lastest model now has five settings)
  • FDA cleared


  • 1/2 hour operating time, then needs to be recharged
  • Small laser head


  • Manufacturer: Tria Beauty
  • Usage: Laser hair removal at home
  • Life: Capable of 300 charges (150 hours of laser time)
  • Average price: $395.00
  • Kit includes:Tria laser handpiece, skin sensor, battery charger, instructions booklet, instructional DVD, warranty card and storage case

Guide Review: Tria Laser Hair Removal

After using the laser at home device for a total of eight sessions on my bikini line, I would estimate that 95% of my hair has been reduced where I used the highest setting and 90% where the second setting deeper into my bikini line was used. Some hair that is left is lighter and finer. What did surprise me is that I didn’t seem to lose a noticeable amount of hairs after my sixth session, from my seventh and eighth treatment.

I know that laser doesn’t usually leave you with an 100% hair free area, so the results of hair reduction were expected and I’m very pleased. The reduction means hair is less noticeable, doesn’t require as much shaving, and that equals less ingrown hairs and irritation.

Cordless Comes With a Price

My biggest complaints with Tria Laser is that the head of the device is small so it can take a decent amount of time zapping away. A half hour use of charge time wasn’t enough time to complete a full treatment. (Update since review was written: Tria was re-released and fires two times faster than the first model). So I had to wait for it to be re-charged and finish up later. Not only does it break into your day, you have to remember exactly where you left off.

Plus Points

To be able to change the settings is a very nice feature for sensitive parts of the body, and I did turn it down a notch when treating deeper into my bikini line. For the record, I did use the highest setting for most of my bikini line though.

If you're a candidate to use the diode laser with light skin and dark hair, then I would highly recommend Tria to use at home. Not only it is convenient and private, but you will save a lot over professional treatments.

Update After Treatments

Six months later, see if all the hair has stayed away or if any came back. Part V shares my results with you and also what I think of the updated model.

Catch Up

In total, I have five pieces about my experience. Read about my entire journey using Tria, starting with Part I to get great product and more detailed information.

Newest Device

Read about their latest model Tria Laser 4X.

As is common in the beauty industry, the writer was provided with the Tria for the purpose of reviewing it. The laser was returned back to the company after completing all of the necessary treatments. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Tria laser works good for me!!, Member jfer73

I am white, dark coarse hair all over my body, i have PCOS so i have unwanted hair in many places. The tria is not FDA approved on the face, however it is approved in other countries so i have used it on my face. My sideburns are more then half gone... i do have a shadow still on my face. Upper lip, chin, and neck area, however it hurts my sensitive skin too much any higher then level 1. If i were using level 5 like on the rest of my body it would have taken that shadow away im certain of it... I use to have to shave my face every single day, now i can go every other day... i have used it more then once a week on my face because of the low level i use which i know is not part of the instructions. As for my chest, belly, and abdomen, and my arms area. WOW... im so impressed, those parts of my body can handle the level 5 and the difference is sooo amazing... after using this product for over 8 mos i am pleased. I think i will probably have to use it another year yet to get the no hair results, and then i will have to buy a new one to do the touch ups. I have seen alot of bad and good reviews. I do not know what to say about that, for me this product has done amazing things to my self esteem. I feel so much better having tried and sticking with it.... my only reason for now giving it 5 stars is the small area it covers per zap and that it must be charged so much.-- now if only i could find a good product that regrows hair on my head... lol

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