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How Do I Avoid Nicks and Cuts Trimming Male Pubic Hair?


Question: How Do I Avoid Nicks and Cuts Trimming Male Pubic Hair?
I was cleaning up down below using scissors to a a very short length. Even though I was really careful, I accidentally cut myself. How can I still get the hair trimmed down really short, but make sure I don't cut or nick myself?
Answer: I would suggest a men’s grooming tool especially made for grooming body hair, including down below. The greatest part is that they can be used wet or dry and come with different attachments, so you can get just the right length right while you shower (see list).

Although made for cutting hair on the head, if you have regular hair clippers at home you can also use those with a guard for easy trimming of male pubic hair. But, I wouldn’t go out and buy one simply for trimming down below (read more).

If you want to stick with the scissors, you can still use them and not nick yourself. The trick is to put a comb flat on the skin and cut the hair above the comb to protect the skin (read more).
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