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How To Groom Men's Eyebrows


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Eyebrow Grooming Tips for Men
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Some guys feel that there shouldn't be any hair in the middle between their brows. That isn't the case, you can have some hair there like this model. It's your personal choice, of course.

No one says that you should walk around with a unibrow either, but you need to know how much to take and where to stop.

Tips for Men's Eyebrow Grooming

  • Thin out middle. You don't have to take away all of the hair. You can tweeze out single hairs from the middle taking random thicker hairs, leaving the finer ones. This will thin out the area making the hair look less noticeable, but not hair-free. To remove all of the hair in between and find where the brow should start on you go to the next page.

  • Don't go deep. If you're removing hair on the bottom part of the brow, make straight or slightly curved lines. Stick to just taking hair only outside the main shape.

  • Use a good pair of tweezers. Good tweezers make the job alot easier and quicker, by grasping hair and not sliding off. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers are one of my personal favorites (read review).
A tip for pain. Tweeze right when you come out of the shower when your follicle is nice and relaxed. The hair will slide out easier.
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