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Men Who Shave Their Legs


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Swimmers, Like Michael Phelps
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Michael Phelps

Photo Al Bello / Getty Images
Michael Phelps, like many professional swimmers, are part of the men who shave their legs. Swimmers often shave because they feel it helps reduce friction and water resistance so they can go faster. Many also report they like the feeling of the water sweeping against their bare skin.

It’s quite the norm to see almost completely hairless bodies diving into the pool. Hair from their legs, arms, underarms, chest, back and even their head often gets removed.

With all that shaving, the odds of ingrown hairs and razor bumps rise. I would recommend these bumpfighting products (see list) that work for preventing and beating them.

Learn more about products, tips and advice especially for men: Male Body Shaving.

Phelps shown during practice at the 13th FINA World Championship at the Studio del Nuoto in Rome, Italy.
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