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Guy Pubic Hair

Options for Grooming


Guy pubic hair can be removed, trimmed and even colored. Learn about these grooming methods, products, tips and advice for tackling hair beneath the boxers.

1. How To Remove Pubic Hair

Manicure equipment
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If you want to rid all or part of it you have more choices than picking up a razor which lasts such a short time. Get the specifics for each method including its pros, cons and how long it lasts.

2. Intimate Shaving Guide

The most common of all hair removal methods is shaving. Just because you have experience in navigating the razor on your face doesn’t mean you have it down pat for your private zone. Get a close, safe shave and minimize the side effects with our guide.

3. Removing Hair on Genitals?

It's much different story removing hair on the genitals than on the regular skin in your pubic area. Learn the safety and precautions for shaving genitals and waxing private parts.

4. Trimming Guy Pubic Hair

Instead of removing it, you can simply trim it down so it looks more groomed and not risk the side effects that shaving or waxing can bring like razor burn, itchiness and redness. There are many ways to go about trimming (read list) including men's products especially made for this purpose (see list)

5. Coloring Pubic Hair

Want to cover the gray? You can with special gentle colors made especially for the hair down below.

6. Men's Brazilian Wax

Women aren’t the only ones making bikini wax appointments. If you would like to be hair free for up to six weeks, read how to prepare and what to expect.
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