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Pubic Hair Removal for Men


There are many different methods to go about the process of pubic hair removal for men. We guide you through the various ways to get rid of hair, give you safety advice for removing hair from your private parts and help you steer clear of annoying and ugly side effects.

How To Remove Pubic Hair

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You're not stuck with shaving. There are other ways, some that can leave you hairless for weeks at a time or more. Learn the details of each hair removal method including its pros and cons.

Intimate Shaving Guide

I’m sure you know how to use a razor. But since this is much more delicate zone compared to your face, learn how to get a close, safe shave and minimize the side effects like ingrown hair and razor burn in our guide.

Pubic Hair Removal for Men on Genitals?

It's much different story removing hair on the genitals than on the regular skin in your pubic area. Learn the safety and precautions for shaving genitals and waxing private parts.

Brazilian Wax

Men are going to salons and spas and getting bikini waxes, including Brazilians, because it can keep you hair free for up to six weeks. Before you pick up the phone, read what to expect and another frequently asked question, What if I'm turned on during a Brazilian?


Many men simply trim their hair down so it looks more groomed instead of removing it to spare themselves the hair-ridding side effects. You have some options on how to go about trimming (read list) including using men’s products made especially for grooming pubic hair (see list).

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