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Kalo Hair Inhibitor Review

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The Bottom Line

Kalo Hair Inhibitor is not guaranteed to give you permanent hair removal. But it could be a permanent staple in your beauty repertoire. I have to say thanks to this company for giving us a product that works at keeping hair from growing as fast it usually does.
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  • Easy to use
  • Slows the re-growth of hair


  • Expensive


  • Manufacturer: Nisim International
  • Usage: Hair removal inhibitor
  • Average price: $82.75
  • Kit includes: 2 pack (1-2oz. lotion and 1- 4 oz. spray)
  • Options: Lotion and spray can be bought separately

Guide Review - Kalo Hair Inhibitor Review

I received Kalo a few months ago and decided I would leave this one to a client. Karen was pretty excited about trying the product since I regularly visited her for monthly back waxings. Now, I must say that I had her permission to use her name and her story since back waxing is a little bit embarrassing for some.

Karen was more embarrassed by her "furry back" (as she would say) than the actual waxing. So the first time Karen used Kalo, I waxed her lower back and began the process. It was very easy. I sprayed the solution to her freshly waxed back and sent her on her way with the spray as well as the lotion. She did not feel any burning or tingling. It did not really have any odor either! She agreed to use it religiously as directed by the manufacturer.

The Process

All that is required is to apply it three times a day for the first two days after waxing, tweezing, sugaring or any other method of hair removal that pulls the hair out from the follicle. She used it three times a day for the first two days, and on the third application, she used the lotion as recommended.

Results: After a Month

Karen returned about a month later and I noticed that her hair appeared to be a little bit finer and it was much faster to complete the service. Now, I wasn't sure if this was wishful thinking on my part or if it there was less hair. Again, I sprayed her freshly waxed back and off she went.

Kalo Hair Inhibitor: Good for Karen, Bad for Me

At her next appointment, I actually had to tell her we needed to wait for about two weeks because her hair was not even close to what it usually was. I was shocked, disappointed and ecstatic all at the same time!

I was shocked to see that Karen was not as "furry" as she usually was. I was disappointed because I gave Karen the product that was keeping me from making money. I was ecstatic because I love the fact that the product did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Karen used it for about five months (six times total) and there was a significant difference. I would say the hair was reduced by about 30 percent. The company states that eventually the hair reduction is permanent with proper application. It might depend on your hair type as to how long it will take, but Karen definitely saw a noticeable difference.

I just hope that Karen does not start trying this product on her legs and bikini because I probably will lose some money!

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