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R.E.M. Spring

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


rem spring, coil hair remover, facial hair removal
Image Courtesy R.E.M. Spring

The Bottom Line

Just give R.E.M. Spring a little practice, and this coil hair remover becomes an easy tool for long-lasting female facial hair removal at a great price. Just be careful, at first it can be a little painful and may cause red bumps if you have sensitive skin.


  • Easy to use
  • Little to no irritation
  • Quick hair removal


  • First use can be painful
  • Should only be used on women’s facial hair
  • Can cause red bumps on sensitive skin


  • Manufacturer: R.E.M.
  • Usage: Female facial hair removal (except eyebrow area)
  • Average Price: $19.95

Guide Review - R.E.M. Spring

I received my usual monthly package of hair removal products. Once again, I pulled out what looked like medieval torture device.

Coil Hair Removers- Not All the Same

The last coil hair remover, Epicare, wasn't too bad, so this one should be okay. It looked like a long coil with two handles. It was a bit different than Epicare though. R.E.M. has heavier handles and feels more substantial. It's also sleeker and more futuristic looking. Let's hope it works as well.

Painful…at First

The directions are very simple and to the point. Bend the spring, twist and viola! So I went for it and sprung my unwanted hair right off my whole face. I have to admit that at first, it did hurt a little. As I got more proficient with the tool, it became faster and easier to remove the hair. The most important thing was that it got less painful as I went.

Practice Makes Perfect

I am sure I was not doing it quite right on my first hair removal twists. Only in the area that I started in did I notice redness and a couple of red bumps. The other areas of my face didn't have any irritation.

Follow Directions

As with other similar coil hair removers, the R.E.M. Spring should only be used on a woman's face, like the cheeks, lip area, side burn and neck areas. Do not try this on around your eyebrows or you could end up with more than just uneven brows, but a big spotty mess.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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