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Bikini Zone Medicated Gel

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The Bottom Line

Bikini Zone Medicated Gel is worth trying for those who are budget conscience. Although it can be painful, the numbing affect seemed to be helpful after hair removal.
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  • Helps stop the itching and irritation of ingrown hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Helps redness disappear


  • The scent is very medicinal
  • Painful when applied immediately after hair removal
  • If too much is used, it leaves a white, flaky appearance


  • Manufacturer: Bikini Zone
  • Usage: Help to get rid of bikini bumps and relieve irritation after hair removal
  • Average Price: $7.49
  • Options: Gel, cream or medicated pads

Guide Review - Bikini Zone Medicated Gel

Bikini Zone Medicated Gel is just that, medicated. The gel is laced with Lidocaine, which helps numb the skin topically.

Does it work? It seemed to. I used it on my client, Cindy, after her bikini and underarm waxing service. Cindy has hair growth that rivals any man. She will be the first to admit it and I see her every week to wax her bikini and underarms. Cindy also suffers from sensitivity after her services. It doesn't matter if she waxes or shaves, she will always end up with red, sensitive skin that lasts for at least two days.

Cindy agreed to try this product. I tested it on her arm and she said it felt warm then cold. She was ready and so was I. I completed her waxing service and watched as the redness came. Her beautiful pale skin was now as red as a tomato. I placed a pea size dollop in the palm of my hand and used my gloved finger to apply the product.

Cindy said that the product stung a bit. It did not burn but there was definitely a stinging sensation. Then, a few minutes later, nothing. No stinging, no burning, no irritation. Cindy was not as uncomfortable as she sometimes gets. The scent was very medicinal but seemed to go away within five minutes. I asked her to call me when she noticed that the redness started going away.

I got a call two hours later and she said that she had no redness at all. She was very pleased with the results and I was happy she had a good experience with the product. She followed the directions and applied it after hair removal and after every shower. Cindy does not normally have an issue with ingrown hair. Every once in a while, she would get one here or there but since she's been using the product, not one has reappeared.

After getting the info from Cindy, I went out and bought myself a tube. After a Brazilian, I smoothed it over my freshly waxed skin and did not feel any stinging at all. The redness went away in about twenty minutes and I did not get any ingrown hair that I always get. I now use it regularly.

Bikini Zone Medicated Gel is clear and does not leave any residue when used properly. The gel needs to be applied in a very thin layer or it will flake. The tube lasts and lasts. If used properly, you should get about three months of daily use. Not bad for less than ten dollars!

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