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Epilady Legend

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


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The Bottom Line

Epilady Legend is a fine machine to remove hair between waxing or instead of shaving. It’s newly designed and less painful than the older model.
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  • Tweezes the entire hair, including the root
  • Cordless design makes it easy to handle
  • Not as painful as you might think
  • Can be used in multiple areas


  • Left thin, fine hair behind
  • Can fall into a million pieces if dropped
  • Takes awhile to remove hair from each body part


  • Manufacturer: Epilady
  • Usage: Hair removal
  • Average Price: $59.99
  • Options: In blue and gold

Guide Review - Epilady Legend

I was told that I was going to be receiving the Epilady Legend to review and I tried everything to get someone else to use it. I even offered to pay a client and if she didn't like it, I would wax her for free for a year. She denied me and laughed. "Have fun!" were the last words out of her mouth.

I immediately handed it to my husband and told him to try it or he wouldn't get a home cooked meal for a week. He put it up to his arm and turned it on, then whined like a baby for a second and turned it off.

I was stuck trying it for myself. I read the directions and headed off to the bathroom. I took a hot shower and got ready to meditate myself into a state of being where I felt no pain. I lifted the baby blue and white torture device in my hand and turned it on. I placed it against my leg and ….

Not too bad. No pain, just an annoyance while the tweezers pulled the hair from the follicle. Just as I was getting into the rhythm of it- crash! It slipped out of my hand and fell onto the tile floor. It seemed to be a slow motion film as I watched the Epilady dismantle itself. First the cover flew off. Then, silver and white plastic everywhere! The entire guts of the epilator fell apart.

I had to wait to get the new one. This time, I was going to beat it. I went into the bathroom and just went for it. Before I knew it, I had removed hair from my legs, my underarms and my bikini line. Yes, I gave myself a Brazilian with the Epilady. Crazy? Maybe, but it worked and it worked well. After the initial annoying sting, it was fine. I am not going to say it was pain free but no worse than waxing. The only downfall was it did take much longer than if I had just gone to get waxed. Nonetheless, it worked.

I did notice that the finer hair was not as easy to remove. I had to go over the area a few times to make sure I got each and every hair. I also had some breakage of the hair above the skin. I noticed this happened when I was hurrying and going too fast.

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