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Sexy & Fun Betty Color

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Fun Betty

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The Bottom Line

Be prepared for the chemical smell, but overall worth trying, especially Sexy Betty!
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  • Covers gray pubic hair
  • Fun and imaginative colors to amuse yourself
  • 1-2 applications in each box


  • Developing time 20- 30 minutes
  • Time consuming because you have to lighten your hair first
  • Smells horrible during the application


  • Manufacturer: Betty Beauty
  • Usage: Pubic hair color
  • Average Price: $19.99
  • Options: Auburn, Black, Brown, Blonde, Violet, Pink, and Blue colors

Guide Review - Sexy & Fun Betty Color

So when I got this assignment to try Violet and Fun Betty from Naomi, I decided to have a girl’s night out and bring the hair dye to get some comments from real people.

We tried the Fun Betty first, which is pink. Because the color is fairly light, it comes with a lightener to use first or the pink will not show up. Sometimes, it’s better to use someone else as a guinea pig, so I had my friend try it! She wrapped herself up in a towel and joined the party with the lightener on.

It wasn’t too much fun for her because she was uncomfortable standing in a room with cream on her pubic hair for 20 minutes, and it was not fun for the rest of us because of the chemical odor. She returned to the bathroom and rinsed it off and applied the pink color, but had to wait standing up...no fun for her.

After the allotted time and a quick rinse, she returned to show us the results. WOW, her pubic hair was pink for sure. The problem was it was a lighter shade of pink and it looked like the color of watered down blood. Not good for the area, if you know what I mean. I was going to pass on this color.

Sexy Betty (violet) was next. Since there was enough for two applications, another two friends gave it a whirl. It was the same stinky chemical smell, but we tried to override it with martinis. One girlfriend left hers on for 20 minutes, and the other 30. Viola, violet beauties! It was obvious that the longer the color was left on, the brighter the color would be. Sexy Betty also comes with a lavender body oil which smells delicious and is moisturizing too.

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