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Nair Shower Power Moisturizing

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Nair shower power moisturizing review hair removing cream depilatory

Nair Shower Power Moisturizing

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The Bottom Line

Nair Shower Power is supposed to be an easy way to rid hair, and save you time. But I would just rather shave.
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  • Doesn't smell as bad as regular hair removing creams
  • Can work in as little as 3 minutes, partially while you're in the shower
  • The product comes with a sponge, so it means less contact with your hands


  • "Smooth Skin Lasts Longer Than Shaving" stated on the bottle doesn't prove true
  • Can burn your skin (see Guide Review below)
  • You need a lot of product to cover hair


  • Manufacturer - Church & Dwight Co.
  • Choice - Moisturizing or exfoliating
  • Average Cost- $8.00
  • Usage - Hair removal cream for arms, underarms, legs and bikini area

Guide Review - Nair Shower Power Moisturizing

Nair Shower Power works a little bit different than most hair removing creams because you can put it on, wait one minute, and then go in the shower. After two more minutes, but no more than ten minutes total, you use a sponge that comes with the product to help slough away the hair. Two kinds are available: moisturizing and exfoliating. I opted for moisturizing because depilatories can be very drying to the skin, and I like to use an organic sugar scrub for exfoliating.

Curious to see how it would last compared to shaving, I used Nair Shower Power moisturizing on one leg, and shaved the other. Later that day an area on the right side of my lower leg started to burn. I followed all the instructions and I don't have sensitive skin, so I was surprised to see a long scab like a bad razor burn the next day, and much drier skin compared to the leg I shaved.

"Smooth Skin Lasts Longer Than Shaving" advertised on the bottle didn't hold true, my leg that used the Nair Shower Power grew back in just as fast as the shaved leg. Overall, I would just rather shave because Nair Shower Power didn't save me any time, money, or give me any longer hair-free results.
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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
burns, Member FraggleRa

I've used other products before from this same company on my lower legs and calves and had no problems. This particular product I used over the knees and thighs and after a few minutes it started to burn. I tried rinsing it off in the shower but it kept burning. I used the softer side of the little sponge provided and ended up burning my fingertips from touching the sponge. I googled 'chemical burn' and was told to try baking soda-- which worked. I ended up with my upper legs/lower thighs so thoroughly burned I was forced to use burn cream on them for about a week, nothing else soothed the skin. My fingertips looked as though I'd touched something acidic or caustic, the skin over the tips of my fingers was shredded and they bled. I was forced to put bandaids on each finger, and had one spot where I'd accidentally smeared some of the product in my haste to remove it-- a patch on my belly, which was also burned from just a brief moment of contact. That patch remained discolored, slightly red, for about a month. If you burn yourself with this stuff--- baking soda neutralizes it.

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