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PFB Numb It Topical Anesthetic

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numb it, pfb numb it
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The Bottom Line

Numb It works well to take the sting out of razor burn, and post microdermabrasion or permanent makeup treatments. However, it wasn't strong enough for minimizing pain when waxing hair.
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  • Good for after care of razor burn, microdermabrasion or permanent makeup
  • A little goes a long way
  • Doesn’t interfere with waxing process


  • Long wait time
  • Didn’t numb skin enough for minimizing waxing pain


  • Manufacturer: PFB Vanish, INC
  • Usage: Topical anesthetic
  • Average Price: $24.95

Guide Review - PFB Numb It Topical Anesthetic

Numb It is a topical anesthetic that is supposed to be fast acting. But 15 minutes of wait time for an Esthetician to even begin waxing is not speedy when you consider an average salon or spa waxing appointment is 30 -45 minutes.

I found that it’s more expensive and less effective than some other products that are out there for hair removal pain. On the plus side, a little does go a long way. I did try this product after a microdermabrasion treatment and it did work to take the burn away. So I think it’s better suited for something that just needs to take the sting away a bit, but not numb the skin.

Applying the product didn’t interfere with removing the hair from waxing process, which was nice, but I didn’t see the pain-reducing results that I was hoping for. You won’t be terribly disappointed if you skip this.

There are other things you can do for taking the pain down a notch. Learn more in: Top 10 Tips To Reduce Waxing Pain.

Sugaring is another option that removes the entire hair follicle from the root, but people find less painful than waxing. Read why: Waxing Vs Sugaring.
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