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Parissa Wax Strips For Underarm, Bikini and Face

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Parissa Wax Strips for Underarms, Face & Bikini Sensitive Formula

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The Bottom Line

I’m not usually a fan of pre-made wax strips, but these Parissa Wax strips for the underarm, bikini and face work. They don’t require heating up with your hands and actually remove the hair.
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  • Assorted strip sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Clear strips
  • Can reuse each strip a couple of times


  • Clear film is difficult to work with if your hands are damp in any way


  • Manufacturer: Parissa
  • Usage: Waxing hair
  • Average Price: $11.00
  • Kit includes: Waxing strips, 1 vial of azulene oil and instructions
  • Options: Sensitive formula- 24 wax strips (12 double-sided). Regular version- 16 wax strips (8 double-sided)

Guide Review - Parissa Wax Strips For Underarm, Bikini and Face

I really don’t like wax already on the strip. I hate that you have to rub your hands together with the strip in between to heat it up and hope that it is warm enough to adhere to the hair. The only thing I want to rub is that lamp the genie will come out of and grant my every wish!

This is very different because the wax doesn’t need to be warmed. You simply peel the strips apart and you’re ready to go. The wax is a very soft wax so it wraps around those unwanted hairs like the wool on a sheep. Then with a quick pull, the hair is gone. You can even reuse the same strip a few times.

I also tried the Parissa Wax Strips for Face and Bikini, which differs from the sensitive formula in the type of wax and strip size. The sensitive formula uses a crème wax which is known to be gentler to the skin. The regular formula uses a honey wax which is good to remove any hair type. In using both of them, I preferred the honey wax because it seemed to remove the hair easier and cleaner.
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